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 Start your Online Fitness Coaching Business in 14 Days Challenge

GET More Leads, More Sales, More Impact IN 14 DAYS!


If you enter today, you will be entered into a contest to win some amazing prizes!


00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

By Joining this 14 day challenge it will break your fear of getting started with your online fitness coaching business and guide you to a clear direction on how to set it up. 

The contest closes on the 14th and the winner will be announced live on October 7th.

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This 14-Day challenge normally $199 is now just $27 for any FitPro at any level. Dynamic fitpros will protect your information, your purchase is 100% secure.

IN this 14-Day Challenge we will be showing you exactly how to...

  • We are giving you the step by step framework on how to build a 14-day online. training challenge so you can get your first 5-10 online clients…guaranteed!
  • You'll learn how to build a money-making lead generation system on how to create and run a 14 Day Online Training Challenge so you can create more income, impact, influence, and independence as a Fit Pro.
  • Break past the Fear of getting started and not knowing what direction to take.
  • ​Learn how to create a step by step system on how to run this 14-day challenge through a private Facebook Group to free up more time freedom for yourself and serve more people all around the world.
  • Learn how to create Valuable and Intentional content to promote on social media so you can get tons of clients to sign-up for your 14-day Online Training Challenge and have a better chance to up-sell them into your higher coaching packages.
  • You will get the secret text messaging scripts on how to get challengers on a call to sign them up for your online coaching programs.
  • ​You will get the copy and paste questions, polls, interaction, and tips to run your 14-day challenge effectively through your facebook group.
  • ​You will get to be a part of a secret Facebook group alongside other hungry and action taking fit pros where you can get all your 14-day challenge and fitness business questions answered by us and other experts in the group.

this 14-Day Challenge is for...

  • Fit pros that want to get started but fear not knowing how
  • Fit pros that are stuck with getting new online clients
  • Fit pros that want to get their first 5-10 online clients
  • Fit pros that want to make an extra $2-5k per month
  • Fit pros looking to add online fitness coaching to to their in person training business

Time Sensitive:   

Do not miss this incredibly unique LIVE and highly-interactive learning experience where you will get 14 days of coaching and mentoring from us.

The challenge starts Monday Sept 14th and will deliver the most important information we believe you need to know right now to cut through the noise and build a successful online fitness coaching business.

And just for showing up and taking action you could win these incredible prizes. 

When you join The 14 Day Challenge, you also get an opportunity to win

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Why You Should Trust Us.

We Are Not Your Gurus...

  • You are the expert, you know what your clients need... With everything in the fitness world being turned upside down, you don't have the time or the energy to sift through all the so called "experts" who want to give you advice on what they are doing to figure out a way to stay in business. We've been training solely "ONLINE" for over a decade and we want to give you the short cuts to the online fitness training business model.  
  • We don't just teach this stuff; we actually do it. We use this EXACT system for ourselves and our clients to increase their profitability. We are NOT just repeating what XYZ "top-secret" formula is being taught by the latest guru (insert gag reflex here).
  •  We've helped Fit Pros make LOTS of money. We've worked with hundreds and hundreds of Fitness Professionals and We've seen what works and what doesn't.
  • ​We are GOOD humans. One thing everyone tells us is "You two are so humble and nice". We get that from our mom and we get the work ethic and being relentless from our dad which unfortunately passed away when we were 18. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our Fit Pro Students and Integrity. 
  • ​We've created a dream life where we get to work (or play) when and where we want. We are living proof that it's 110% possible to have it all. And we want you to have that too.
Our Past Students Challenge Success!

Hi! We're Chris and Eric Martinez. 

We're on a mission to get more FitPros the life they have always wanted.  Training clients on their own schedule, creating a life of freedom and no more waiting on "no show" clients.

Our goal is for you to create a Dynamic Lifestyle that is with family and friends not stuck at the gym before the sun comes up straight through late nights grinding everyday just to keep the lights on, lucky if you were able to eat 3 meals and get your own workout in.

We've been through the hustle and grind and we want to say, "There is a better way."  

Learn from our mistakes and losses that took us over a decade to learn from the industry.  

We've closed up shop before and had to rebuild from the ground up.  If we had to start all over again this 14-Day Challenge is where we would start.   Let's keep the lights on for your business.

We can't wait to see you in the group!

We are small business owners just like you. We understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that should have been a blog post.

We are extremely proud of the products we create and we know anyone who buys them and implements the strategy will be thrilled with their purchase. 

That’s why we are offering a 14-day money back guarantee. While we can’t guarantee that the challenge framework will quadruple your leads or dollar bills, we can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the challenge framework and the time and stress it will save you.

Of course, If you’re not happy with the challenge framework, we will refund your money within 14 days of your purchase.

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